Mornings, muck ups, and music, oh my! (Ep. 1)

You guys! We survived our first podcast recording! We like the idea of making it low key, but we also want to make sure we’re not a pain in the butt to listen to. And thus this list was born: things we will/will not do next time!

We will have the intro cued up so you don’t have to hear about “bloody mimosas” read off again. (It’s what happens when you try to say bloody mary’s right before mimosas. You know what? Don’t worry about it.) We will not serve bloody mimosas- that sounds awful.

We will make sure our mics aren’t muted for the first six minutes of the show. You missed out on some quality opening awkwardness. Damn. We will not forget how to actually play music on the sound board after a month of training. WUT.

We will do better at cuing music so that your mornings aren’t filled with awkward silences. We will not forget how many are hung over and therefore will continue to keep the music pretty mellow. We think we did a good job at that.

At the end of the day- decent first show. Both of us have definitely heard way worse. Look it this week for the upload of our first episode.

Go ahead and listen to it here 😀

– Chantal, Dom, & Tess