Lol okay, so we don’t do this show anymore. We spent the better part of a year interviewing women who are also in the business of being funny. We had a blast and loved getting to do the show. Forty-five episodes later, we hope you have some favorites. Leaving the site up because why not.

What is, we mean, what was The Lazy Brunch Hour?

Give ’em a drink. Hit record. (That’s the show.) Here are your hosts:


Dominique Gelin is a comedian in San Francisco who offers strong opinions on stupid things and super important -isms. It’s all very fascinating. Much of her time off stage is largely spent on Tumblr and crying through the most recent episodes of Agents of SHIELD or whatever terrible show she’s decided to focus on this year. Breakfast drink of choice? Bellini.



micTess Barry is a person and she wrote this. This is about Tess Barry, the person, but also about Tess Barry, the enigma. She’s a comedian with a day job and various interests including historical figures from Andrew Jackson to Bob Seger. She is your resident DJ in the midst of ongoing efforts to become one of your herstorical figures. Breakfast drink of choice: chocolate milk.